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Read below to see what some of our members have to say about KOPD!

"Being diagnosed with Pd some 10 years ago, I have always tried to maintain an active lifestyle.  There is a lot of anecdotal evidence to support the idea that exercise helps with your Pd symptoms – which I can attest to.  Having been involved with the KOPD Boxing Program since it’s inception, I can say that Adrian has done a fantastic job taking the whole exercise regime to another level – boxing is the ideal exercise for people with Parkinson’s as the typical workout would use most muscle groups and gets you to use your brain which further helps neuro-plasticity."


Andrew Whitton - Current President of Parkinson’s NSW


"In the year that I’ve been KOPD, my Parkinson’s disease is under control. I feel that my feet are stronger and less heavy. I’ve been less prone to accidents and injuries as a result of the exercises and strategies taught at the KOPD Boxing Program.  All my health care professionals are very pleased with how I’m going. It’s a privilege to be associated with Adrian and the PP community.  I feel encouraged and uplifted.  The coaches are really dedicated and thoughtful in designing the program.  I consider it the best program for any Parkinson’s patient. "

Viola Chun


"I was diagnosed with early stage Parkinson’s in August 2016. I was advised that one of the most efficient ways to slow down the progression of the disease was through regular exercise.  My neurologist recommended that I see Adrian Unger from KOPD Boxing Program and evaluate the programme specifically devised for people with Parkinson’s.
I was very impressed with the assessment conducted by Adrian to determine the level most suitable for me.  The cost of the group session I found to be very reasonable.  The coaches are very attentive and skilled in the implementation of the specific non-contact boxing and other exercises. I also find the general atmosphere to be very friendly and supportive.  I can highly recommend the KOPD Boxing Program."


Leslie Rosen


"I’ve been training with the KOPD Boxing Program from the beginning and have worked with several of the trainers and they are all really great. They work us hard but understand the varying levels of capabilities of the various Pder’s. I’ve bee going to Jordan’s class mostly the last few months and really enjoy his workouts as well as his humour and good nature. The program has helped me stabilise my Pd – I really feel that the directed exercise is doing  as much or more for me than the pills I take."


Robert David


"Before hearing about the KOPD Boxing Program, walking was my primary exercise, except for spontaneous bouts of yoga, stretching and gardening.  I was not part of a group of enthusiasts and was governed by a Parkinson’s ‘handicapped’ mentality.
When I heard KOPD was starting up it was the right time, place and price – all essential ingredients – and I joint in the first week.  Now, in retrospect, I know there is no way I could have (would have) pushed myself to the same extent than is possible when working out with others;  the camaraderie, the united purpose and the time spent with others who are all going through various phases of the same disease is a ‘tonic’ in itself."


Hew Dalrymple


"Doug and I attended the inaugural meeting a few years back regarding the setting up of the KOPD Boxing Program and have been attending ever since.  When we started there was only a small group and it is great to see the numbers attending today.  It’s a wonderful program and we would recommend it to any person with Parkinson’s.  Doug’s mobility has declined, but he is still catered for and sits to box.  There is a wonderful group of volunteers to help in the session.  We have attended various hospital physiotherapy  sessions but the KOPD Boxing Programs is by far the best.  Thanks Adrian for the original setup and your continued attendance and participation."


Margaret Hilton


"Having now spent nine diagnosed years with Parkinson’s disease with only the last two years exercising at the  KOPD Boxing Program once a week, my health has deteriorated and my ability to perform tasks fallen away. BUT if I did not do this or another exercise program I would be going downhill faster. It so happens that I like the boxing style, I like the high impact and I’m meeting lots of people in the same boat.
It has been a slow and steady process and the knowledge that it is chronic and there is no cure implies the gym is a one step forward and two step backward approach and one should keep that in mind.  However, one gets the same buzz from each session as anyone who is fit and well and thereby the same benefit as a fit person.
At KOPD well trained coaches lead us through a vast number of exercises warming us up, concentrating on boxing type exercises high impact work and finishing with cool down and stretching."


Doug Mill



"KOPD Boxing Program has been a great help in coping with some of the physical and emotional aspects of Parkinson’s. Even if ones’ feeling tired at the start of any session, after 15 minutes of warm-ups and other exercises, one feels a whole lot more energised. Half-way through a session one realises one is moving so much better than usual.


Once one has done a few sessions, one’s confidence is so much greater.  It allowed me to go overseas by myself, whereas before I had held back wondering how I’d cope if travel was disrupted or an accident happened.


The trainers are great, usually finding that fine balance between pushing people to exceed their expectations and not hurting themselves.  There is variety.  The boxing is interspersed to a large extent with warm-up and cool-down exercises and other exercises promoting co-ordination.


Most of all a PP session is fun, as well as being an extended work-out."


Erica Simes

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